I recently started doing some freelance work with a game publisher and they inquired as to whether or not I did any 3D modeling for product shots. I said I had done some over the years the old fashioned way in photoshop but had not done much actual 3D modeiling or rendering but that I would be happy to learn.  I have since built out 20+ boxes for them and have been realy enjoying it.

I have also started on a personal project to build out all the standard Game Crafter boxes so that I can potentially offer the service to designers who want product shots of their Game Crafter project. So far I have only modeled the “Small Pro Box” and the “Mint Tin”. I used the artwork from my game Donut on the Small Pro Box and I just made something up for the Mint Tin.

Are you interested in a 3D render of your game box? Get in touch here.