(except the actual Gems – those are licensed stock art vectors that I colored/styled to suit)

This is a prototype I was toying with a few years ago. I really liked how quick turns were in Ethnos with the choice of single cards and building sets so I tried to use that concept and feel in a game that added a bit of pressure and tension to the push your luck mechanic.

Thematically I was going for a pulpy scifi where players are running drone miner bots around an exploded moon. Players are harvesting volatile crystals from the moon and packing them into a safe containment filed on their small ship in order to ferry the gems to the nearby space station for payment.


The game worked OK. I developed it and refined it through several stages and at best it was lacking something to really hold it together. It is always on the back burner. It is a fun light project that may yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.