Introducing the

Board Game
Proto Type Font

The board game prototyping font includes 100+ glyphs designed around common game components and mechanics to help designers get concepts to the table faster. This font includes an OpenType and TrueType variant as well as vector files of the glyph set. 

This font is intended for personal use to help develop prototypes faster. It has not been rigorously tested and is somewhat of a prototype itself. As such it is sold AS-IS.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
` ~ – _ = + [ { ] } \
| z Z a A q Q x X s S
w W c C d D e E v V f
F r R b B g G t T n N
h H y Y m M j J u U k
K i I l L o O , < . >
/ ? ; : p P [ { } \ ¥
‘ ” ¤ ¦ Ç ¬ « À Á ¡ £
Ä Å Ã ¨ © § ª

*This font is sold “AS-IS” and as such we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of this font.

License Stuff

Ok. So here is a thing I spent some time on. Hopefully, it is helpful.

Personal Projects.

If you want to drop a credit somewhere that would be swell but not necessary.

Please don’t do things like this:

  • Pass the file along. Please send them the link for the download instead.
  • Please don’t distribute it elsewhere (see above).
  • Use it for anything hate-related (should go without saying).


Again, I hope you like it. I hope it’s helpful.