This was a quick exercise to see what I could come up with for a roll & write that would fit the size of these notepads. I was ordering a bunch of notepads for a separate project and thought “what if I…”

This is a luck heavy game that focuses on damage mitigation more than winning. You kind of win by not dying and your points are a bonus. The premise is weak but works like this; you are being attacked by snakes. Every time you roll a “6” you are bit and mark it on the red track to the right – too many of those and you lose. To score points you have to snake your dice onto the scoring grid, all dice touching, all dice placed and no diagonals or appendages. You score points by placing numbers in their appropriate row and a bonus if you fill a row with the correct number. Of course quickly things will fall apart and you will have numbers in the wrong places. So you can make things up a bit by scoring 3 of the same number in a column. There is a 6th column at the end that is blue, this does not count for scoring but allows you a way to snake some of your bad numbers out of the way.

Rolls follow the same classic Yacht rules. Roll five dice and re-roll whatever you want up to twice. You do not have to make re-rolls for if you do the sanke could bite you again.

That’s it. Thin premise. Light game. Fast and full of bad luck and tough choices.

ABOVE: This is a new version of Snake Dice that I designed as a mail-out postcard. The glossy front allows it to be played using a dry erase marker.