A while back I had the notion to retrofit a friends dining table with a hidden game vault. I later found the same table for $20 at a thrift shop and decided it had worked so well I would do it again. 

The drawback for these is that there is a bit of a reduced playing surface that makes some table-hogs fiercer and creates table-hogs out of games that may have fared well with a regular surface. 

For my friends birthday, I decided to try and address this problem by designing him a set of bit dishes that could ride on the side rails. These would work for players keeping their personal stash off of the table or while playing two player or solo-games could be used to move a whole bunch of stuff up out of the way. 

Sadly, it does mean he ended up getting a set of prototype dishes which are a bit rough around the edges. On the brighter side though, the ones I make for our table will be really nice. 🙂