This is the game my daughter and I put together for Mothers Day. The first prototype we smashed together in a couple of days with pencil crayons and melty beads. I have been working on this version since May. It’s still a little rough and is in constant development right now but it is getting pretty smooth. When it’s ready it will get the full Game Crafter production ?.

Short Overview

Sew Fun is a game that takes the theme of needlework and spins it into a game that has you working constantly to get your projects done. Everyone starts off with a simple pattern and from there you set off to gather the things you need to get your project done. You will also start new projects. You can start knitting or focus on big quilts. You can also stock your sewing desk with tools to help you get through projects quicker. Because quicker is key here. The first one to cross the 50 point line ends the game and the highest score wins. Hanging back to build your score or get some extra tools can pay off as long as you don’t run out of time.