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Everybody wants to be the one to feed the kitten but to do that you need to get a can of food. Feed the Kitten is a fun and easy game of counting by TENS. You play your cards by going up by 10 or adding to 100. If you play a 100 card or are the first to play your last card you win a round. Every round you win you get a can of food and you get to feed the kitten. Be the first player to feed the kitten three times and you win the game.


In the box, you will find a deck of fifty-four cards. There are five of each card numbered 10 to 90 (increasing by tens). As well as two 0 cards, two 100 cards, and five Player Aid cards in the deck for quick reference. There are also twelve Food Tokens and one Kitten Token. Oh, and of course, these rules.

  • 49 Cards
  • 5 Player Aids
  • 12 Food Tokens
  • 1 Kitten Token
  • Rules

Setting up to play

Place the Food Tokens (a) in a pile that is easily reached *Check the chart to see how many Food Tokens you’ll need (b). Pick the first player *Last player who fed a cat* and give them the Kitten Token (c). Shuffle the deck of cards and deal five cards to every player. Place the rest of the cards in the center to form a Draw Pile (d) and flip over one card to start the Play Pile (e*). Give each player one of the double-sided Player Aids (f).

How to Play

On your turn you must either, play a card or draw a card but never both.
Play a Card: You may play a card that is the exact same number as the current card, a number that is 10 higher than the current card or a number, that when added to the current card, will total 100. Once you play a card your turn ends and the player on your left will take their turn.

You may not play a card that goes down by 10.
For example, playing a 20 on a 30 is not allowed.

With one exception

The 0 card can be played on any number. The only numbers that can be played on a 0 is either the other 0, a 10 or one of the two 100 cards.

draw a Card:

On your turn, if you can’t play a card, or don’t want to (even if you could), you may draw a card from the top of the draw pile. This will end your turn and play will pass to the next player on your left.

There is a hand limit of 9 cards. If you have nine cards but can not play on your next turn you will have to discard your hand and draw five new cards. You may then play a card or if you still can not play, draw another card.

What if we run out of cards?  If the draw pile ever runs out, simply take all but the newest card from the Play Pile and reshuffle them to make a new Draw Pile.

Winning A Round!

Win rounds to get cans of food to feed the Kitten.
The first way to win a round is to play one of the two 100 cards properly. On your turn, if you have a 100 card and the top card of the play pile is a 0 or a 90 you can win the round by playing your 100 on top. Easy.

The second way to win a round and gain a can of food is to be the first player to play the last card in their hand. You don’t have to announce that you are on your last card at any time. You just have to be able to play your last card by following the rules.

The player who wins the round also gets the Kitten Token, so they can feed the Kitten, and they will go first in the next round.

Winning the Game!

The first person to Feed the Kitten 3 times immediately wins the game.

So, after a player has won a round for the third time, they win the game.

If you are playing with only 2 or 3 players and want to extend the game you can always play to 4 or 5 cans.

a closer look at the cards

Each card has a picture of the Kitten wearing a colored t-shirt with the card’s number on it. The number is also marked on the rainbow stripe along the side. The playable numbers are hinted at here with paw prints to help younger players.

You may not play a card that goes down by 10.
For example, playing a 20 on a 30 is not allowed.


What if a 100 is flipped over as the first card?

If a 100 is turned up as the first card after dealing just quickly stick it back in the deck and reshuffle the Draw Pile then flip over a new card. Hopefully, it isn’t another 100.

If it somehow happens three times in a row, well, maybe that person should win the round because that’s pretty crazy. They probably shouldn’t be dealing anymore anyway 🙂

If I play a card that adds to 100 do I win?

No, (Nancy) you don’t win in this case. This is just another option for playing a card and the new card becomes the next card.

So, if for example, on your turn there is an 80 card on the top of the Play Pile and you play a 20 card because it would total 100 you don’t win you have only reset the number to 20 for the next player’s turn.

Can I count backwards?

No, you can never play a card that goes down by 10. Always up by 10. You can, however, play cards to make the number lower. Like in the example above, when you play a lower card that totals 100, the Play Pile will then have a lower card on top. Or, if you play a 0 it will reset completely.

Why are there 12 Tokens if we only ever need 11?

No real reason. There was room so I made the extra one. When you buy a case of cat food you never get eleven cans.


Game Design: Macy Raygun Morris
Cat Illustration: Macy Raygun Morris
Additional Illustrations: Mitch Morris
Graphic Design: Mitch Morris

Play Testers: Melissa Morris, Mitch Morris, Nancy Morris, Michael Morris, Chase Montrose, Steve Haley, Sam Haley, Violet Haley, Susie Vokey, Aurea Hardy, Ashley Broderick, Gavin Hardy, Nate Moser, Robbie Moser, Melissa Burges

Feed the KitTEN ©2022 Macy Raygun Morris. All rights reserved.